I Need to Move

Not from my house. I need to move around. I need some type of spirit to overtake my body and make me into one of those people who enjoys exercise.  I did a little googling and found some things that I hope might help.

New fitness trend REBOUNDING workouts for a low impact work out that I'm completely on board with

She looks like she’s totally enjoying this Rebounding workout!  This is actually a low impact workout.  I might like this.  Even if I try it and I don’t like it, at least I’ve done one workout more than the amount of workouts I have done in the past week(s).


Miranda Kerr's Ballet Barre Workout


I took a ballet class in college.  Yes, for credits.  It was my Fine Art requirement.  Anyway, I really liked it and it is a good workout.  And you don’t need to install a barre.  You can use a chair.

The 20-minute stress-less yoga workout #NCCPT #NCCPTTransformMe

I heard about this new thing called Yoga.  It was on this cool blog I found.  You should totally try it.  I think it’s going to be huge.

exercise. exercise. exercise.

I love the simplicity of this.  I like lists.  I can cross off as I go and see immediate progress.  I don’t love jumping jacks, but I could probably manage 180 of them.  Not all at once.

Lastly, I found this.  I don’t know how to handle this.  It’s, well, I think life changing is an adequate phrase.  You are SO welcome.

Poodlerobics? You Wont Be Able To Look Away From This Freaky Workout Video

I was so distracted by the poodle poofs in that woman’s workout tights (legs and arms, btw, look close) that I didn’t take in the actual poodles themselves that are somehow jazzercizing wearing leotards and sneakers.  But wait, their knees are bending like human knees. They must be people in poodle costumes, right?  But, then, that is the most realistic CGI looking poodle costume I have ever seen.  This has to be pre-CGI, though right??  I cannot wrap my head around this.  Someone, please help me.

A Door to Nowhere

When I was day dreaming about what to do with the door I took off of Sir Hutchington, I called the post A Window without a View.  But it really is a door, not a window.  Regardless, I’ve finally settled on a transformation for the door/window.  It’s a combo of these two:

Iron Industry Mirrorupcycled window frame... Amy #1... maybe something like this...



I wanted to try to get an industrial feel and then add in the black and white photos.

Here is the before of the door:


I grabbed some spray paint that is supposed to give a “hammered” effect.  Not like, I had too many drinks hammered.  Like hammered metal.  One reason I kept putting off the project, though, was that I REALLY didn’t want to tape off all of the window panes.  Last night I thought of another way to tackle that.  It’s very scientific, I’ll try to explain it as simply as possible.

1.  Find the most recent H&M catalog that has been sent to you.

2.  Cut up the H&M catalog so that it fits into each shape of the window panes.

3.  Use a glue stick to tape the H&M catalog pages to the window panes.

There are so many better ways to do this, I’m sure.  For some reason, my brain felt that this was the easiest.  Here is what the door looks like properly pasted with H&M catalog pages:


I know what you’re thinking, just stop there!  It’s perfect!  No, I really want to see what pictures of my kids will look like in there.  So, I carried on and spray painted with the drunk hammered spray paint.


If the finished product doesn’t turn out, I could use it as a Halloween decoration.  Totally creepy.  Next up was to remove the now spray painted H&M catalog pages.


Remember my brilliant idea about adhering the H&M Catalog pages with the glue stick? Well, that allowed me to pull off most of the paper without a ton of mess left behind.  But I did still have to do scraping. Actually, I still have to do scraping.  I promised myself no more than 30 minutes of scraping in one sitting.  I estimate this project will be done in 2.375 months.


That’s four scraped and cleaned panes.  What do you think?  I’m not sold on the hammered spray paint, but I want to see it with some black and white photos in it.  I’d like to have an update for you tomorrow, but no promises.  The scraping is not fun.

Got Leftover Easter Eggs?

Do you have something like this in your fridge?

Leftover Eggs

Do you feel guilty if you don’t finish all of them?  My kids made 6 eggs each at Nana’s house (12), my daughter made another dozen (up to 24 now) when her best friend came over.  My son decided he wanted to make a few more, so I boiled the last 4 eggs and he decorated those.  That’s 28 hard boiled eggs.  I’ve eaten a few and I made my brother come over on Easter morning and help me eat some.  But, there are still leftovers.  As much as my daughter just wants to “keep” them in the fridge (like, forever) I can’t stand to waste perfectly good food.  Luckily, the internet is rampant right now with “what to do with your left over eggs” articles.  Here are the one’s I thought are worth a try:

Pan Bagnat

This is called Pan Bagnat and it’s got eggs, potato and tuna in it.  I’m definitely trying this.  It’s Wednesday’s lunch.

I’ve never heard of baking with hard boiled eggs, but I came across it a couple of times in my search today.  From what I read, it improves the texture of the cookie.  Interesting.

8 Excellent Recipes for Hard-Boiled Eggs

I thought these little mini English muffin pizzas were adorable and easy.  I would probably substitute the whole tomato slice with a little tomato sauce so that my kids would eat it.

Pickled Tuna-Salad Sandwiches


Nothing like adding a little extra protein to already high protein tuna.  I’d try this toward the end of the eggs when I’m getting tired of eating eggs because I think the tuna and the pickles would be the main flavors in this one.

Country Potato Salad

Oh, this one reminded me of my mother’s famous potato salad.  Hers isn’t as complicated as this picture, but I wouldn’t bet that the one in the pic tastes better than my mom’s.  My mom’s is just boiled potatoes, eggs, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and little vinegar and it is totally delicious.

Martha's Favorite Egg Salad Sandwich

Here’s my lunch tomorrow.  Except I’m leaving out the avocado.  I’m kind of over avocados lately.  Crazy, right?

Quick and Easy Low Carb/Paleo Snack - Deviled Eggs

And, of course, a shameless plug for my own Deviled Egg recipe.

I also have a sneak peak for you of a two part project I have coming up:


I know what you’re thinking.  What is the crazy H&M lady thinking??  Don’t worry, I have a plan.  Well, worry a little.  But I promise I’m not leaving the H&M catalog photos in there.

What I Made This Week

I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely Easter weekend!  Can I use Easter as an excuse for not cooking much?  Well, technically not “cooking” anything at all, unless you count microwaving bacon.

I did whip up a delicious wrap sandwich, however.

VIA Peace Love and Low Carb

These low carb Turkey Club Pinwheels from Peace Love and Low Carb were a great lunch.  They had a very mild flavor and would suit many palettes.  I made them twice last week and the first time I stuck strictly to the recipe.  The second time I used blue cheese dressing instead of Ranch.  This upped the flavor profile a bit.  I would also consider adding something with a hint of spice, like banana peppers, maybe.  I like these because you can use your imagination and make lots of different combos.

Ok, but my favorite thing about these was the fact that I made them at work and I cooked the bacon in the MICROWAVE!  People, I had no idea that in 40 seconds bacon can go from being completely raw to completely cooked.  Does anyone know how dangerous this is??  Here is the scenario playing out in my head. I feel like a snack.  Peruse fridge.  Find a packet of bacon.  Throw a couple or six pieces in the microwave.  Eat. Repeat.  I know bacon is low carb and paleo and everything, but that doesn’t trick me into thinking it’s actually healthy to eat something that exudes that much grease while cooking.  It is an “in moderation” thing, right?  I’m going to need to develop some serious will power or destroy all microwaves in a five mile radius.

I can’t wait to test out more recipes from Peace Love and Low Carb.  What’s your favorite wrap combo?

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Pom Pom Pencils


I’m so excited to share this post with you. I know I love this blog because I was totally exhausto tonight when I got home at 8pm after my adorable nephew’s birthday party and then had to finish homework and clean up the Easter grass from yesterday’s wreath.  I told myself I would take a night off.  But I’ve written and published 69 posts and I haven’t missed a night (Sun-Thurs) since I recommitted to the blog a few months ago.  And when I remembered I was going to make these sweet Pom Pom pencils and share them with the world (ok the 10-20 of you who visit, anyway!), I got energized and sat down to work.


Who wouldn’t want a pack of those in their Easter basket?  Huh, huh???  I totally love them.  Here is the inspiration:

Pom-Pom Pencils

So cute, right?  But, $12 for a set of six, I think, is a bit steep!  I thought even I could DIY those puppies.

Here’s what you need:


That’s a pack of mini colored pencils (mine are from Target and were about $5), some embroidery floss (I already had a bunch so this was free), some scissors, a glue gun and pretend there is some Elmer’s Glue in that picture.

First thing you will do is make a pom pom.  Coordinate your embroidery floss with your pencils however you would like. I went with sort of a monochromatic/ombre feel, but the inspiration pencils are contrasting colors.  Wait, you don’t know how to make a pom pom?  Oh, you poor creature!  I have instructions here and here.  You will use one finger for these small pom poms and you will wrap 50 times instead of  100.  Once you’ve fluffed up your completed pom pom, hot glue that baby to the top your pencil.

Hey, you’re halfway done!  Next, pick where on your pencil you would like to wrap your embroidery floss.  All the way at the top?  Toward the bottom?  In the middle?  I did a few different spots on different pencils.  I would only suggest not wrapping the floss all the way at the bottom because you may want to someday sharpen your pencil a little.  Lightly coat the pencil with Elmer’s glue where you’ve chosen to wrap your embroidery floss.  You don’t need a lot.  Less is more here. If you want to add a little more as you’re wrapping, you can, but you don’t want there to be too much glue gettin’ all messy and gluey. Know what I’m sayin’?

Guess what? You’re done!  Whoo hoo!  Here are several pictures of mine just cause I’m happy I got some decent shots.



Make these pencils, will ya??

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Easter Wreath

I found the absolute cutest Spring/Easter Wreath today on The Winthrop Chronicles link up party. The wreath that was featured is from CC McAfee Perspective which is my new favorite blog.  I saw the picture of the wreath and thought, “I love it, but it looks way too hard for me.  What even is that made of??”.  I pinned it anyway.  It kept popping into my mind throughout the day and I went back to take a second look at it.  When I saw there was a video tutorial, I figured it must be impossible, but I watched it anyway.  Guess what, it was SOOOOO easy.  But, of course, Carolyn was probably some super pro blogger who was totally crafty and just made it look easy.  Here’s her masterpiece:

How adorable is that??  It’s not often that something moves me to go out to Michael’s on my lunch break and buy the materials for a project, but this one did.  I HAD to have that wreath.

I’m not going to give instructions because you have to watch this video because in addition to the instructions, this woman is just adorable and totally likeable.  So, please, go watch her and then spend four hours looking at her blog.

I will give a couple of tips that I found helpful:

1.  Those little floral pin thingies kind of hurt if they don’t go in easily on the first try.  I actually cushioned my hand with an unopened bag of Easter grass.  I bet you can think of something better.

2.  Easter grass is super messy.  This is not a tip, just a fact.  Be prepared to clean it up.  Especially if you have cats as my husband just reminded me that cats love eating that and then puking it up.  Oops.

Here is my pretty much exact replica except that I don’t know how to make a bow so I did a cluster of Easter eggs:


Cute, right?  And I don’t think I mentioned that it took, like 15 minutes, max. This is one for the non-crafty Momma’s out there.( Gotta paint that door.  Add it to the list.)


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